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Protecting your privacy is important to Simmons Bank. We believe the confidentiality and protection of customer information is one of our fundamental responsibilities. Simmons Bank is committed to providing our customers a broad range of financial products and services while safeguarding customer information.

Privacy Policy Identity Theft
We will not disclose information about you to anyone except as disclosed in our Privacy Policy or as permitted by law. Steps consumers should take to secure their computer and protect themselves from identity theft.
Credit/Debit Card Fraud eMail Fraud/Online and Mobile Tips
A better way to protect your debit and credit cards.

Keep your financial information secure.

Protect yourself from eMail fraud.

Mortgage Fraud True Credit
Features to help you avoid becoming a victim of Mortgage fraud or abusive lending. Click Here To Learn More. True Credit offers access to your personal credit information, credit monitoring for fraudulent activity, Identity Theft Insurance and more. For More Information Click Here.

Privacy Policy

Simmons First National Corporation Notice Of Your Financial Rights

Printable Notice Of Your Financial Privacy Rights


FDIC Offers Identity Theft Help

View a multimedia presentation created by the FDIC, which provides information on steps consumers should take to secure their computer and protect themselves from identity theft, as well as what they should do if they are victimized by the crime. Click Here to view the Multimedia Presentation.

Identity Theft Brochure

Email Fraud
Typically, criminals send emails that look like they are from legitimate sources, but are not. The fake messages (Phishing) generally include a link to phony, or spoofed, websites where victims are asked to provide sensitive, personal information. The information goes to criminals, rather than the legitimate business. For More Information Click Here

Bank Anywhere Security Tips

Credit Card Fraud

Visa Security Sense
Visa Security Sense provides cardholders tips with practical know-how for protecting account information and resolving unauthorized card use. Highlights of the website include:

  • Tips for Preventing Fraud
  • Fraud News
  • Resources for Fighting Fraud
  • How Visa Protects You

Check out the site today at www.visasecuritysense.com

Simmons Bank Card Alerts

Simmons Bank Card Alerts allows you to receive instant text and email notifications when your registered cards are used in ways that could be indicators of a lost or stolen card or fraudulent activity.  Protect up to 10 Simmons Bank credit cards and Debit cards with preferences that you set up and add up to 10 mobile numbers to receive the alerts.  There is no fee to register*.

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